Sunday, November 20, 2005

Abdul Kalam

These were some of the questions that children asked our President on children's day. I feel we are very fortunate to have Abdul Kalam as the president of our country. For a full list please see rediff or Indian President's website

Ragamala Rahi Datta : Respected Sir, Mahatma Gandhi loved India, Subhash Bose loved India, They fought for freedom of India. How I love my India?
President APJ Abdul Kalam: When you are a student, acquire as much knowledge as possible. Work hard and have a mission in your life

M.S.Adityan : Respected Rashtrapatiji, You are a great man and a national hero. I am keen to know one strong reason that makes you a great person. I am asking this as I don't know how to idolize you. As a Nuclear Scientist, As President of India or as a humble down to earth person who likes children. Namaskarams
President APJ Abdul Kalam: My dream is to have a thought that "I should known for being a good human being".

Radhakrishnan: Respected Our President what is your highness message for children on children's day, November 14,2005 with love and god bless you
President APJ Abdul Kalam: Dear children, I have got the following message: Dream, Dream transforms into thoughts, Thoughts results into action, action results into achieving the mission. I suggest you to have a purposeful d ream in your life.

S.Arun Venkat Krishna : Sir: If God appears before you, what request will you make at HIM ?
President APJ Abdul Kalam: I will pray: Almighty God bless my nation with people of hardworking and knowledge and thereby make the nation economically developed nation.

Surbhi Jain : I am a student of class ix. In our School's report card, there are two items where grades are provided - "Concentration" and General Efforts". My father says if I have Grade A in both, I will always have good marks in all subjects. Is he right?
President APJ Abdul Kalam: Normally, father should be right. My father, used to tell me, the highest education is the acquisition of knowledge continuously.

G.Uday Kiran : Dear sir,Kalam, how can you manage to build a dynamic India in the conditions of unemployment,poverty and corruption?
President APJ Abdul Kalam: Problems gives challenge. Challenge leads to achievements with knowledge and work.

D N Joshi : Sir, how much time one should dovote for becoming a good student?
President APJ Abdul Kalam: A good student arrives when his learning process takes care of two aspects. One is knowledge acquisition, another acquisition of a good value system.

NITESH SONI : Mr. President, What's your first priority for the nation?
President APJ Abdul Kalam: Lifting the 260 million people from below the poverty line.

Tushar Wadhwa : Sir, I want something new and I work new experiment. my parents and my friend laugh me
President APJ Abdul Kalam: Don't get disheartened. The people who have a dream and worked hard and didn't deviate from the aim have all succeeded.

President APJ Abdul Kalam: In Conclusion: Friends, I have a message for you. Can you send me a mail in a quarter page for the following question? "What will I be remembered for?" The "I" stands for you friends. Each one of you can answer to my question through my website: In short, you may share your dreams with me. I will respond to the interesting mission of yours with a book of mine. May God bless you

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Shraddha said...

Respected Sir,

I am a student of standard 12th Science, St. Mary's School, Rajkot, Gujarat.
Sir my comment is that the day by day continuously going on the leakage of various national level examinations like AIIMS, PMT etc, and various cases such as copying, correct. Sir we request you to please take action against such sinners. In such cases there is injustice against the students who are really hardworking.

Thnaking you,
Yours sincerely,
Shraddha Pandya